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Lawsuit Avoided with Former Employer for Small Business Owner

June 2019

A client of the firm worked as a beautician in a shop owned by a Fantastic Sam's salon franchisee in the Houston area for just under two (2) years. After having a dispute with the owner, she decided to leave the shop and work at another salon nearby. Within two (2) weeks of her relocation, she received a cease and desist notice from her former salon manager, suggesting that she had violated the terms of a non-compete agreement that required her to work outside of a two (2) mile radius from the shop for eighteen (18) months from the end of her employment. She came to our firm for help, and we responded to the owner's cease and desist letter by pointing out her legal defenses as well as her potential employment claims for sexual harassment and hostile work environment due to the sexual innuendos made by the manager to the client and her colleagues in her presence during her tenure. The client has remained at her new shop location and has not received any further contact or demands from her former employer.  

Practice area(s): Business

Kimberly D. Moss

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