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Wills & Estate Planning

Everyone needs an estate plan. Whether you have very little assets or are incredibly wealthy, it is important to address your estate planning needs with an experienced and compassionate Houston Will and Estate attorney. Depending on the size and structure of your family, your wishes may not be carried out as you would like if you die without a formal will or asset protection plan. There are a number of tax implications and creditor pitfalls awaiting your loved ones if you do not get your affairs in order. The Law Office of Kimberly D. Moss offers a complete range of probate and estate administration services and is ready to provide you the highest quality of service.

Whether you are just beginning to consider developing an estate plan, or whether you need to review and change an existing plan, we have the experience and skills to provide you and your family with sound legal advice and peace of mind from a lawyer in Houston.

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To schedule an appointment with an Houston Estate Planning attorney, call (713) 574-8626 or email us at [email protected].

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