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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What areas of law do you practice?

The bulk of our cases include family law, probate, and estate planning legal matters. As part of the estate planning practice, we assist individuals with forming corporations.

We also handle real estate matters, including drafting Deeds and resolving landlord-tenant disputes through judicial and non-judicial means.

Q: Are you accepting new clients?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. We want to be sure that we are the right law firm for you. The initial consultation helps us both get comfortable with one another before embarking on a legal matter that could take months to complete. The attorney-client relationship is important, and we do not take our responsibilities lightly when deciding which cases to accept.

Q: Do you charge a consultation fee?

Yes. Depending on the subject matter of your legal question, you will be charged a consultation fee. This allows the attorney to spend 1-hour focused on you and your case without interruption. It also forms the basis of the attorney-client privilege that keeps your discussion with our firm fully confidential.

We do not waste time offering “free” consultations that are typically a sales pitch for the attorney's service. We value our time and yours. The consultation fee secures the attorney's time for a one-on-one conversation with you right at the start.

Q: How much is the consultation fee?

It depends on what you need. Call our office and let us know. Our number is 713-574-8626. We also respond to text messages at this number for business inquiries.

Q: What's your hourly rate?

Our attorney hourly rate is $300.00 per hour.

Q: Do I have a case?

Maybe. Let's schedule a consultation and talk about it. Our number is 713-574-8626.

Q: How do you conduct the initial consultation?

We offer consultations by ZOOM videoconferencing and telephone to maintain social distancing. The ZOOM meeting ID and passcode will be emailed to you before your meeting. The attorney will call you at your scheduled time if you choose a phone appointment.

If you need to discuss documents during your appointment, you may email them to us in advance of our meeting. We ask that you be in a private, quiet environment during the initial consultation. 

Q: Can I bring someone to the consultation with me?

We would prefer that you did not. Unless you need a translator, it is in your best interest to conduct your consultation appointment by yourself. If English is your second language, please let our office know in advance of scheduling our meeting.

Q: How do I pay the consultation fee?

The consultation fee can be paid online in advance of your appointment. Our bookkeeper will email you a link that you can use to make payment by debit card, credit card, or ACH withdrawal. We strongly prefer ACH payments to physical paper checks. If you need assistance making a payment, please call us at 713-574-8626 and we will take your payment over the phone. 

Q: Do you provide pro bono legal services?

Yes, we volunteer at advice clinics sponsored by Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program, and we also participate in advice lines and outreach through Fort Bend Lawyers Care.  We support the mission and purpose of these organizations, and if you need pro bono legal assistance in the Houston area, we strongly recommend you consult with them first.


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