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Administrator Appointed over Estate Valued at nearly $1million

April 2018

In the Estate of N.B., deceased, a close-knit family in the Midwest lost their sister to cancer in 2017. She left behind a large estate in Texas, including a house, vehicle, safe deposit box, bank accounts, and many investment accounts. She did not have a will, and the family had no idea what to do as they were not native Texans and knew nothing about the legal system. The Moss law firm filed the administration application and sorted through the facts to determine how best to proceed. While the estate was pending a pipe burst and the roof collapsed in the kitchen of the sister's home, requiring that 75% percent of the house be remodeled.  The Moss law firm hired contractors to rebuild the home, had an administrator appointed in 2018 to distribute the assets of the state, and hired a realtor to sell the property after the remodel. The firm is still in the process of collecting the many investment accounts owned by the decedent, and some of the estate proceeds were used to care for the decedent's elderly mother who recently passed away after reaching 100 years of age. 

Practice area(s): Probate

Kimberly D. Moss

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