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Auto Shop Settles with Owner over Totaled Vehicle

December 2019

In Armstrong v. Christian Brothers Automotive, the client took his low mileage used vehicle to a mechanic for repair. When the technician put his compact car on the hydraulic lift, it failed and the vehicle fell six feet to the ground. As a result of the fall, the vehicle was declared a total loss and was completely inoperable. The client was completely devastated, having only one car and sharing it with his wife who works in Katy, Texas while his job is in the medical center. We swiftly determined the mechanic was at fault and should make the client whole for his damages and the inconvenience. Due to a pre-litigation settlement notice, we obtained a settlement in the amount of $7,000.00 to pay off the remaining lien on the totaled car and pay the down payment on another car. 

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Kimberly D. Moss

Attorney and Counselor at Law (713) 574-8626 Kimberly Moss is a Supreme Court of Texas licensed lawyer and Dallas native who went into the practice of law with the intention of working for herself and bringing value to the community she serves. Prior to law school, she worked for Experian Inform...