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A Few Thoughts from Kimberly Moss

Lawyering 101 Part 2: That’s Not What I Bargained For

Posted by Kimberly D. Moss | May 01, 2012 | 0 Comments

As a business person, I have gotten a few hints at how to read people thanks to a number of board meetings, sales conferences, etc. However, one thing has become abundantly clear to me in my 5 years of business and corporate experience: the phrase above is secretly lurking in the minds of all parties present at any negotiation.

“That's Not What I Bargained For” sums up every single transaction…ever. My small business clients are so important to me because they are able to tell me exactly what they want, and usually, when pressed they can tell me exactly how they want “it” done. In these trying economic times, it is absolutely imperative for people to understand the basics of bargaining. For a brief history lesson, I want to tread lightly into the barter system. For a more thorough and entertaining lesson, please see here:,9171,1931665,00.html?xid=rss-topstories

My prospective client has a productive small business. He needs counsel and advice on how to manage his money because he's a young man, and he wants to send his intended to school. He also wants a motorcycle. I immediately told him to forget the motorcycle and rearrange his priorities. In return, he is designing a very unique piece of artwork for my personal collection.

A barter just happened.

How, Moss? Read the above paragraph one more time, and you can find the answer to your question.

He and I have built our relationship on a solid foundation of trust, integrity, and most importantly transparency. Prospective client works in a cash-based business, so when he has money in his pocket, understandably he wants to spend it. I've advised him to save more. Simple as that.

These and other values are constantly present at this law firm. It is my open and honest intention to maintain these core values throughout my practice, from my desk, to the legal assistant's role, to the intern's expectations of me. Have a productive Tuesday everyone.


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