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People Skills: Part 1

People Skills: Part 1

Posted by Kimberly D. Moss | May 04, 2012 | 0 Comments

In defense of the socially awkward attorney:

First, really…I get it. I was terribly shy as a youth, and this inherent shyness has backfired on me repeatedly. People jump to a number of conclusions about me before I even open my mouth. For this cause, I pay special attention to my grooming, attire, and attitude.

From this basis, people draw whatever conclusions they like. I have no problem with that; however, the origin of my trial practice area lies in the fact that I am not necessarily the fastest thinker on my feet. Five years in a corporate environment can do that to you, but that is no excuse. I went to law school to be an entrepreneur, and not  necessarily in the way one might think.

My soul's passion is helping people. In short, I'm a do-gooder. The only jobs and internships I took during law school were for the public good. I enjoyed my work at Advocacy, Inc. now known as Disability Rights  in Austin, Texas because I helped a little girl get a crib that potentially saved her tiny life. I felt proud and excited when my team, led by a certain very smart, very brilliant individual was able to extend the Medicaid benefits of a young man who was twenty-two years old, severely mentally disabled, and so loved by his parents.

But my shyness and reservations have hindered me in a number of ways. First, people come to two conclusions about me very quickly. I am either incredibly rude or cloyingly arrogant. It doesn't matter which conclusion is reached. The collective “they” are potential working relationships, and I've forced myself to open up to people, network, and pass my business card along with my tip at every establishment I have frequented. Why? Because if I don't learn how to interact with people, I am out of business before I even start.

So please, my people, please…learn how to have fun at a party! There is nothing worse than a lawyer who acts like a lawyer at a party. You may name drop elsewhere. At social occasions, please chill out. With that being said, everyone remember to send something nice to the mothers of society, and have a great weekend!

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