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Who Owns the Mineral Rights on Your Land in Texas

Who Owns the Mineral Rights on Your Land in Texas

Posted by Kimberly D. Moss | Feb 13, 2014 | 0 Comments

Texas is known to have rich natural reserves of natural minerals and oil. If you own land in Texas, it can be extremely likely that you can rich reserves of valuable minerals and oil under your land. In these cases, you can lease out the rights and collect royalty payments for mineral rights in Texas. The first step in such a case is to enlist the services of a good Houston mineral rights attorney and to determine the ownership of the minerals under your land. At The Law Office of Kimberly Moss, we specialize in the matter of mineral rights and leases, and can be of great assistance if you are asking yourself the question “Who owns mineral rights on my land?” There is a well laid-out method to establishing the ownership of mineral rights on your land, and it has the following steps –

1.       The primary thing that needs to be constructed to ascertain the ownership of mineral rights on a piece of land is a “chain of title”, which is a collection of records indicating how the ownership of the land has changed hands over the years, all the way back to its first owner. A going to need a good Houston mineral rights lawyer will use the legal description of your property to organize a search for all the legal documents about the property, and all related records.

2.       It is important to note that surface rights and mineral rights are mutually exclusive, and it is possible to sell the surface rights to a piece of land and keep the mineral rights intact. Hiring a professional mineral rights attorney to do the hard work for you can be a great way to guarantee results. Enlisting the help of a reputed company like The Law Office of Kimberly Moss is a wise step if you are thinking about collecting oil and gas royalties in Texas. Call for more information: (713) 574-8626

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